Monday, February 17, 2014

Blue Monday - Blue Raincoats

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In my never-ending search for Blue, this week I spotted: Blue raincoats.

Cheetah Hunt, a roller coaster at Busch Gardens, Tampa, got stuck, stranding sixteen guests at sixty feet above the ground and tilted at a thirty degree angle. The people were trapped in that position for over an hour! The Blue raincoats were provided by the park.

It was especially scary because a bad thunderstorm threatened. (Florida is the lightening capital.)

One by one, they were brought down to safety by the Tampa Fire Rescue cherry picker. Here you may see the rescue taking place.

The Tampa Bay Times newspaper story can be seen here.

In addition to the Blue raincoats, once on the ground, the park provided passengers with towels, umbrellas, and hot beverages. The ride was closed for inspection for a couple of days.

The roller coaster has been tested and is now reopened.

Care to take a ride?

Happy Blue Monday!


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Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Wow! What a great shot for Blue Monday! Thanks for hosting week by week, Sally.

Annesphamily said...

Wonderful photo! That would have been very scary! I wuld not want to be stuck anywhere that high up! Yikes! Have a great week Sally! Hugs!

Sara Chapman said...

Wow, what an experience. Glad they had those BLUE raincoats!

Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

Nice to here everyone made it down safe and sound and that their rain coats fit into your blue theme.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Yikes! That is. Terrifying. Can you imagine?



SwedishCorner ~ DownUnder...Pernilla said...

Fabulous Blue Monday photos, Sally! Thanks for hosting. First time for me to linking up in 2014 - Happy New Year to you! Hugs from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

jeannettestgermain said...

Scary - I have to remember that when I visit Tampa. But terrific captures for Blue Monday!

Anni said...

No thank you. I will never ever take a ride on a roller coaster. My life is too precious ;-)

Happy Blue Monday!

Jim said...

Good blues

Gerald (SK14) said...

you wouldn't get me up on one of those but not for fear of getting stuck

HansHB said...

Nice blue from the roller coaster!
Happy Blue Monday to you!

Ileana said...

Nice pictures! Happy Blue Monday!

Lola said...


Nice photos!

Lina Gustina said...

I feel sorry for those sixteen people. That's a nightmare for one with high sickness like me. Definitely I'll pass the ride.

Nick V. said...

That was definitely an adventurous ride! Thanks for hosting Sally.

LV said...

No, I will never ride one of these again. Had a terrible experience when younger.A perfect blue find.

Shira S. said...

Roller coaster is an exciting ride but to get stuck in 6 feet above the ground and raining? C'mon .... I might get a traumatic experience of it.
Good thing that the Park totally did everything to make them feel safe. said...

How scary! I love rollercoasters but I don't have a head for heights. I'd have wanted more than a cup of tea after that experience!


Oh my goodness, I guess I'm getting old, as I used to love Conney-Island and the roller coaster rides, I'd go on it all day and adored it! I'm sharing 3 blue and White teapots from my collection. Have a blessed week sweet lady. Thank you so much for the great BLUE party!

Hazel Ceej said...

I felt some adrenaline gurgling in my tummy as I read your story, Sally! Wow! I mean that's what you call adventure! And knowing the happy ending, I wouldn't mind being stuck up there with them :)

Jutta.K said...

Leider funktioniert mein Link nicht bei dir.
Hier ist er:
Danke fürs verlinken.
Liebe Grüße

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello Sally,
Whenever I have something blue, I always think of you. For some reason my photo didn't show up. Perhaps you could fix it? Roller coasters are fun for some folks but I'll be happy just to watch. Happy Blue Monday and thank you for hosting.


Leovi said...

Yes, funny, very nice photos!

Margaret Adamson said...

Hi Sally Well that is a bit of a scary shot even they did have blue raincoats on! I am sure they were very relieved to get down after an hour.

Ruth Kelly said...

That seems like a very rare catch. It would be scary to be up there for an hour.

evao28269 said...

I hate roller coasters but photos are great, happy Monday :)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

This looks like a scary ride, Sally! Good thing they had raincoats to wear. Happy Blue Monday!

My name is Riet said...

Wow Sally that looks so scary. great Blue Monday shot.have a nice week

RamblingRound said...

I don't think I've ever seen blue raincoats!

Chubby Chieque said...

I absolutely planned to come back tonight.

I linked mine too early in the morning and had to rushed off. We have 8hrs diff.

I always do come and leaved my footprints.

TY for hosting, Pretty Sally.

/CC girl

Hannah said...

Interesting that they would have blue raincoats, just for you! Good photos of the rescue.

bj said...

Hi, Sally...thanks for stopping by. We DO indeed have a lot in do know MY birthday is Dec. 31st..?

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Couldn't resist sharing another blue!

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

Not a good experience for anyone!

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

can not imagine! Glad they missed the storm, we lived in Tampa for 3 years and those storms were always serious!

edenhills said...

Great photo, but I sure would hate to have been on that ride.

Nick Va said...

Thanks for hosting, Sally. Your photos prove that blue is a very popular colour!

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